In 1972 restoration of some old houses in Vall d’Aran began. The team was leaded by Ramon Ribalta and Francesc Garriga who were of the pioneers in introducing architecture and traditional urbanism to our small mountain towns as part of their projects to newly construct the Catalonian Pyrenees.


The projects of Ramon Ribalta proved, from the very first instant, their interest in

recuperating the aesthetics and the charisma of the traditional constructions of the Catalonian Pyrenees and the adornment of the surroundings with spaces full of trees and gardens which offers an integration of the architectonic project into the natural landscape.

In 1973 and being already under the name ”La Pleta” a collection named ”La Pleta de Garós” was started at the small town of Garós in the Alt Aran. It was a project of housing estate with traditional aranese aesthetics and an urban design, which, with the time, would become an urban and architectonic model along the Catalonian Pyrenees and Andorra, which is locally known as a pleta.

In March 1977 this project won the Spanish Government Award of touristic merit.


The success of Pleta de Garós was followed by other projects in Vall d’Aran using the same architectonic concepts. The most important of those projects is Pleta de Baqueira located at 1500 height in Baqueira, followed up by Pleta de Cap d’Aran in Tredós and Pleta de Jus next the ski station at Baqueira Beret.


The acceptance of the concept ”Pleta” lead to the design of new projects in Andorra, the parish of Ordino, La Pleta d’Ordino-Terramajor, La Pleta dels Mollassos, La Pleta de Sant Pere-El Tarter and the parish of La Massana, La Pleta de l'Aldosa.


We have also achieved projects at Cerdanya, the housing estate of Pleta de Bolvir-Ger.


Out of the Pyrenees we have also worked at Menorca coast where we built Ses

Tanques, a small town following Menorca traditional housing style.


At present, our team, the same that has designed all mentioned housing estates, continues to be loyal to this way of understanding traditional urbanism and architecture. It is also still loyal to a determined manner of administrating and dealing with the client and with all those who participate in the material realization of the projects, all together with the experience acquired along the past forty years.


We continue, therefore, working on and creating new projects, keen on maintaining our style of design and fills us with pride.


La Pleta®  — A trademark.